Radon In Breath | Pylon Electronics-Radon

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ENVIRONMENTAL RADON - RADON IN BREATH For uranium miners, inhalation over extended periods is the primary mode of intake of Ra226 into the body. Ra226 then decays to Rn222, a part of which escapes from the body without decaying. Based on experimental data, about 84% is released from the lungs, bones and soft tissues. Assuming that [...]

Outdoor Radon Measurements | Pylon Electronics-Radon

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1.0 LOW LEVEL RADON - OUTDOOR AIR Radon is a colourless, odourless, chemically inert, naturally occurring, radioactive gas which is found at varying concentrations in outdoor air. It is formed by the decay of radium and is a member of the uranium-238 decay series. Uranium and radium are present at low concentrations in many soils, rocks [...]

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