Pylon is recognized as an international leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art instruments for the detection and measurement of radon, thoron, and their progeny. Pylon’s Instrument Division has been delivering quality products and services for 40 years.

Pylon maintains and operates two well-equipped radon and thoron chambers for the performance of exposures and equipment calibrations that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada).


Pylon’s products have been sold to over 46 countries and we continue to maintain a leadership role as a provider of innovative, high quality, accurate radon and thoron measurement solutions throughout the world.

Pylon sells Monitors, Detectors, Accessories & Spares, and Radioactive Sources.

Radioactive Sources

Pylon’s Instrument Manufacturing Division offers several radon, thoron, and americium radioactive sources to assist with all of your radon and thoron measurement needs. Please note that these sources contain radioactive materials. Pylon requires a copy of the End User’s Radioisotope License prior to the sale and shipment of these products.


A6000 Check Source

The 6000 is a sealed, passive radon check sources that is designed to assist with the operating point determination of Pylon AB6A and other monitors. This check source uses the same geometry as the Pylon 600A and 600P Lucas type scintillation cell detectors.


3150A / 4250A

The 3150A and 4250A are two sealed, passive radon check sources that are designed to assist with the operating point determination of Pylon and other monitors. These check sources use the same geometry as the Pylon Lucas type scintillation cell detectors.


WLx-AM / AM-241

The AM-241 is a passive Americium 241 disk alpha source. The WLx-AM is the AM-241 disk source mounted in a holder that is designed to mount to the WLx. The WLx-AM is used to verify the operation of the WLx.



The RN-150A is an active radon gas source that can dispense precise quantities of radon gas. The design allows for multiple samples to be obtained from the unit. This source may be used to provide radon gas to sealed detectors to allow for the calibration and verification of the detector or various monitors


RN-190 / TH-190

The RN-190 and TH-190 are passive radon and thoron daughter sources respectively. Each offers geometric and spectroscopic characteristics that are virtually identical to a filtered air sample. The exposed filters obtained from these sources allow the for calibration and verification of various monitors.


The 2000A is a small, general purpose, passive radon source. It may be used to provide radon gas for sealed enclosures.


RN-1025 / TH-1025/ RNC

The 1025 and RNC are general purpose, flow through sources. The RN-1025 and RNC are radon sources while the TH-1025 is a thoron source. The 1025 sources are available in a wide variety and range of activities.

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