Pylon is recognized as an international leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art instruments for the detection and measurement of radon, thoron, and their progeny. Pylon’s Instrument Division has been delivering quality products and services for 40 years.

Pylon maintains and operates two well-equipped radon and thoron chambers for the performance of exposures and equipment calibrations that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada).


Pylon’s products have been sold to over 46 countries and we continue to maintain a leadership role as a provider of innovative, high quality, accurate radon and thoron measurement solutions throughout the world.

Pylon sells Residential Detectors, Industrial Detectors, MonitorsAccessories & Spares, and Radioactive Sources.

Residential Radon Detectors

Pylon Electronics Now Selling & Calibrating Radon Detectors & Monitors for Home Use!

Pylon Electronics is pleased and excited to announce that we are now an official Canadian Service Centre for Sarad Radon measuring products. Pylon can provide traceable calibrations complete with certificate for the Scout, Scout Plus, and Scout Home instruments.

As well as providing service, Pylon is also an authorized distributor for the Scout monitors. These instruments complement our laboratory grade Pylon AB6A series products which allows Pylon to provide you with a wide range of radon measuring instruments and options.

Radon Scout Home

The Radon Scout Home is used for the long-term monitoring of the statutory reference value for the radon concentration in the air. The device was designed especially for homeowners but also tenants, landlords and housing associations.

However, given the Scout Home’s accuracy, flexibility, measurement capability and affordability, this device should also be considered as part of the toolkit for professional testers and mitigators.

The Radon Scout Home reliably records the radon concentration over a period of many years, so that changes in weather and year are reliably recorded. Sensors for temperature and humidity provide information about a healthy indoor climate. The measured data can be read out at any time for the protection against misuse.

Available in:

  • Standard Version
  • With CO 2 sensor
  • With Pressure Sensor

Radon Scout

The device has the highest sensitivity in its class and exceeds that of its competitors many times. This results in the lowest detection limit and the least statistical error. The device, certified by the US EPA and proven over a thousand times, shows the time curve of the radon concentration below 100 Bq / m³. Factors such as ventilation or weather conditions can thus be reliably assessed.

Due to its high sensitivity, the device is ideally suited for direct control of ventilation systems. As an accessory, we offer a radio switch, which is connected directly to the device. This makes it possible to control, for example, wall and window fans, extractor hoods or the like in the entire house without additional effort. It is also possible to retrofit older equipment. The switching threshold is set at the EU guideline value of 300 Bq / m³ for the Radon Scout

D size batteries enable autonomous operation over several months. The Radon Scout PLUS Radon Meter has an additional connector for a plug-in power supply so that operation can be virtually unlimited.

The size of the data memory was designed in such a way that even long periods with high temporal resolution can be stored. An arbitrary number of measuring series can be created and the data can also be read out while the measurement is running.

The Radon meter can be connected directly to a modem (analogue, ISDN or GSM) for data transmission. The connection is easy using the supplied Radon Vision software.

Due to the high sensitivity, time variations in the radon concentration are reliably detected even at low concentration values.

The radon measuring device operates in the diffusion mode so that thoron influences can be neglected. The measuring chamber with semiconductor detector and high voltage enrichment is insensitive to fluctuations in the humidity.

In addition, the Radon Scout is equipped with sensors for temperature and humidity (additionally barometric pressure with the Radon Scout PLUS). The integrated motion detector detects whether the position of the radon measuring device has been changed during the measurement.

The device has been certified by the US-EPA / NRSB as well as other international authorities.

Radon Scout Plus

The Scout Plus has all the features of the Scout with some important added features.

  • 3 x 16-character display for immediate measurement feedback
  • Increased data storage capacity
  • Includes a barometric pressure sensor (800…1200mbar)
  • More versatile interval settings
  • Power adaptor for mains power applications
  • User programmable switching threshold setting

The device has also been certified by the US-EPA / NRSB as well as other international authorities.

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